“Knowledgeable India” program

“Education is the only way forward”

Imparting knowledge is one of the most effective ways to facilitate development in a country that is trapped in the clutches of illiteracy.  Keeping this in mind, we plan to empower the rural population through education. The “Knowledgeable India” program strives to equip people in the villages with knowledge that will help them both personally and professionally.

This program, launched also on 29th December 2008, strives to enhance the awareness and knowledge of the rural citizens of India.  To holistically enlighten the rural population, we arrange have organized events that handle a diverse set of topics, ranging from Health Care to Career Progression.  These events have been conducted in both urban and rural areas.

Help brighten the future of our rural counterparts by volunteering to help us sow the seeds of knowledge. Volunteer your expertise for these events so that we can make them more comprehensive and valuable.

The most recent event organized under this campaign was in Mandya near Mysore in Karnataka on 23rd May 2009. In collaboration with MY-TUG technology user group, a seminar was conducted to launch a User Group for technology enthusiasts in Mandya and Mysore region of Karnataka.  The event was attended by 33 people, including 8 software engineers, 8 IT infrastructure professionals , 10 students ( of all ages including some senior citizens and government staff) sent by the Government of India under a rural computer awareness program and a few entrepreneurs.

The energy levels of people who attended were amazing. The response for this event was pretty positive, considering all publicity for this event was done via word of mouth.  Positive Actions Foundation is now working in conjunction with the Government to provide free computer education in the region. Photos of this event are now available here.

On popular demand, the above mentioned group is now planning to do a grand event in Mysore on 27th June focused only on Microsoft Technologies.   This event would be the largest free-for-all rural India technology community event organized by the common people for the common people to change the lives of common people. Additionally, it would help IT professionals in the area network with people in the industry.