“Our India- Our Soul” Program

Exasperated by the demanding nature of the fast paced urban lifestyle? Enraged by the deafening noise and the unbearable pollution that engulfs the cities? Enslaved by the monotonous commitments that monopolize your corporate employment?

We have a unique solution to your problems that will allow you to break away from the bonds of the city, look through the façade of your cosmopolitan habits and dismiss the artificially created nature havens of resorts.

Rejuvenate your SOUL by rediscovering the charm of leading a more simple life, and experience the peacefulness and serenity Rural India has to offer. The “Our India- Our Soul” Program is your ticket to relaxation and rejuvenation. Enjoy the tranquil atmosphere of the villages, get to personally interact with the rural masses and see and be involved the various village activities. This is an opportunity for you to escape to these untouched lands and contribute to helping their occupants at the same time. Choose to further a good cause while you are vacationing.

This program, launched on 29th December 2008, intends to try and address the disconnect that exists between the urban and rural worlds. We aim to foster a direct symbiotic relationship between people from the cities and villages and, through this relationship, hope to alleviate some of the problems of the rural regions.

By allowing the participants of this program to be engaged in some of the activities, we will also enable them to gain a deeper understanding of the rural lifestyle and some of the problems faced by people living in these areas. Additionally, they can volunteer to assist in our noble action of rural development in any way that they can.

We believe that this interaction only that will allow you to comprehend the real picture of our villages, and it is this understanding that will help in the improvement of OUR INDIA as a whole. We hope that this positive connection will turn into a relationship that will make a positive impact on many lives.